Limited Run Games continues to put out impressive collectible physical runs of some of the most iconic indie games out today. Their latest release is sure to please fans of cutesy musical adventures, as Wandersong is now available to pre-order via the Limited Run Games website.

There are standard physical copies of Wandersong available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 that will set you back $34.99. These versions aren’t entirely devoid of collectible goodies, though; each standard physical release comes with bonus interior cover art and a full-color booklet. Best Buy will also potentially sell these versions of the game later on down the line, after the Limited Run Games pre-orders have closed and shipped.


If you’re a big fan of Wandersong and really want to show your support for the game, though, you might be interested in the Limited Collector’s Edition. At $69.99, it’s almost twice the price of the standard edition. Thankfully, that beefy price tag is justified with a wealth of bonuses.

First off, you’re getting a variety of different boxes for the game that you can display, put away, or tuck under your pillow for safekeeping at night. Along with the standard physical game case for Wandersong, this collector’s edition includes an official SteelBook case and an even larger pop-up book gatefold box. This slides open to reveal a beautiful 3D diorama.

Contained in this box is a set of gorgeous exclusive art. The first is a standard art print, while the other is a double-sided 18″ x 24″ poster. You’ll also get an adorable enamel pin of the character Miriam, on top of a physical 4-disc soundtrack CD that includes liner notes from the developers of the game.

If you’re interested in either of these versions of Wandersong, you can pre-order them now for Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 at the Limited Run Games website.

Source: Limited Run Games

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