So, no head? No, not at least until Headsnatchers releases on the Nintendo Switch next month.

Released on Steam Early Access back in June of 2018, Headsnatchers is a 4-player party action game for all the head masters and head hunters out there. There are a variety of different game modes, objectives, and map types to wreak havoc on, but the premise is simple: get your opponent’s head, and you win. Be the one giving your head, and you lose. There are four game modes and over 25 levels to fool around in, so there’s guaranteed to be plenty of head to snatch from your friends.

If you want to play solo, though, Headsnatchers has you covered too. Zombie Castle mode turns the experience into a challenging puzzle platformer, seeing you scale the tower and overcome increasingly hairy odds as you fight for victory.

Headsnatchers screenshot 1

If customization is your kind of thing, then Headsnatchers is the crème de la crème. There are over 100 different kinds of heads to unlock and equip, and on top of that, there’s even a custom head editor (lovingly called the Headitor) that will let you create even more types of loony noggins to pop onto your neck.

Headsnatchers is set to release on Nintendo Switch sometime next month.

Source: Iceberg Interactive PR

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