Warface, the free-to-play Crytek FPS, has surprise released on Switch

Warface Nintendo Switch Crytek free to play FPS

Today, Crytek’s free-to-play shooter game Warface has seen a surprise launch on the Nintendo Switch eShop. The game has been released rather unceremoniously on the Australian Switch eShop first, but it is expected that the game will roll out around the globe over the course of the next 24 hours.

We don’t have a launch trailer for Warface on Switch to share just yet, but here’s the game’s original launch trailer to give you a taste.

Warface warfare on Switch

In Warface, players battle it out across more than 50 different multiplayer maps, competing against other live players around the world. These maps also play host to intense PVE encounters in the form of raids and co-op missions, in which players fight using an arsenal of more than 200 weapons.

As you’d expect from the developers of Crysis, each weapon is fully customizable, from the barrel and scope down to the size and type of magazine or grip.

Missions will see players fighting their way through a story campaign in PVE raids. There’s a tyrannical mega-corporation to take down, a zombie apocalypse to prevent in Chernobyl, and a robot army to eliminate all the way on the surface of the red planet itself, Mars.

There are five playable classes in Warface, each of which has unique abilities. On top of that, there’s a plethora of customization options for all players to sink their teeth into and make their soldiers look as unique as possible. In turn, Warface offers a number of add-ons and items to purchase with real money or in-game currency called Kredits.

We’ll provide an update tomorrow as embargo lifts on Crytek’s official plans for Warface on Nintendo Switch.


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