Warframe: Heart of Deimos expansion launches later this month

Warframe: Heart of Deimos expansion launches later this month simultaneous Nintendo Switch PC XBox One Playstation 4

To end this year’s TennoCon on a high, publisher Digital Extremes announced that Warframe: Heart of Deimos will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Aug. 25, being the first major expansion for Warframe to launch simultaneously across platforms. The team behind the game even provided about half an hour of footage exploring the eerie world they’ve crafted on Mars’ moon.

What is the Heart of Deimos?

Heart of Deimos offers the third open world that Warframe has seen, following content from Plains of Eidolon and Fortuna, but underneath this unique world’s surface, there’s also a procedurally generated tile set underground.

The surface is covered and converted by the Infested faction. Everything looks and feels alive and connected, but it’s also totally infected. Wyrms tower above the moon’s surface as they rise from the infestation below. On the ground, Infested pustules burst open with Entrati NPCs that have been transformed by the hive mind. The Infested have covered this world in dangers, and they’re ready to kill.

Underneath the moon’s surface, the procedurally generated network of tunnels dives deep. Here players will discover more about the Infested and Entrati experiments. Also, there will be combat mechs to discover that you will both be battling and piloting.

Whilst this expansion is pretty great on its own, it’s the fact that we get Warframe: Heart of Deimos as soon as everyone else does that’s most exciting.


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