Wario - WarioWare Gold

WarioWare Gold has hit store shelves and is calling to all 3DS owners. There’s been no better way for Mario’s yellow-capped rival to reach out to fans than by hijacking Nintendo’s Twitter account. Wario’s famous laugh hit the account last Friday, the day of the game’s launch. This was followed by a new “profile pic” of the game’s namesake champion.

In no time, Wario began broadcasting video on the Twitter feed while promoting his own game. The character even sold his own title by touting Pikmin and Super Mario Sunshine activities as part of the game. Eventually, Nintendo regained the control of the feed after “apologizing” for Wario’s behavior. You can see it all unfold below.

While an advertisement campaign such as this is fun, Nintendo has utilized this marketing method in the past. It’s likely that we may see other popular Nintendo characters take to Twitter for future promotions. Do you have a favorite Nintendo promotional campaign? If so, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below. And, as always, continue to stay locked into Nintendo Enthusiast for more on all things Nintendo!

Chris Hinton
Accountant by day, video games enthusiast by night.  Somewhere in between all of that, I'm a husband, dad, and generally a giant man-child, too.  If a game is all about action, there's a safe bet I'm playing it.  I started laying waste to virtual worlds as a youngin' on the ol' Atari and haven't stopped since.


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