Warner Bros. Lego Harry Potter Harry Potter Collection Nintendo Switch LEGO

Another Lego adventure makes its way onto Nintendo Switch

Warner Brothers Lego Harry Potter Harry Potter Collection Hogwarts Wizarding World Hermione Ron Nintendo Switch LEGO

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Dust off those wands because it looks like Hogwarts is back! Albeit in a slightly blockier style. For those who missed it, the Lego Harry Potter Collection is coming to the Nintendo Switch just in time for Halloween. This remastered version will include both releases (Years 1-4 and Years 5-7) from the Nintendo Wii. That means we’re able to follow Harry and crew’s rag-tag rectangular adventures from start to finish in a completely portable capacity. Of course, the collection will feature upgraded graphics, models, and environments. It also comes with both The Character & Spell Packs, DLC that was originally separate in the older versions.

Warner Brother Studios might not know how the Switch works

Warner Brothers Lego Harry Potter Harry Potter Collection Hogwarts Wizarding World Hermione Ron Nintendo Switch LEGO

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So with all that included, we’ve got one hefty Switch SD cartridge on our hands. You’d think so, right? Turns out Warner Bros. Studios might be a bit more unfamiliar with the Switch than you’d think. In all of the official trailers and screenshots, the cover for the Nintendo Switch copy looks great. Warner Bros. lay it out in a way similar to movie collection releases and accurately advertise their product… almost. If you’ll notice near the bottom of the case, there’s a headline that reads “2 classic games on 1 disc.” I sure hope not! How do I get a disc into my SD card slot?

Obviously, this is just a marketing slip up on Warner Bros.’s part. But as this was shown in a trailer showcasing the Switch release, it’s a bit harder to excuse. Most likely the design team at Warner Brothers simply copy and pasted the headline from other announcements like the Xbox One release. Warner Brothers quickly realized their mistake and fixed the cover, but this original design can still be found in smaller markets and distributors. It would be funny if this isn’t just a minor slip up, and Warner Bros. ends up with a warehouse full of discs for a console with no disc drive. If that ends up being the case, here’s hoping they know a spell to transmogrify discs.

Lego Harry Potter Collection will be available both on the Nintendo eShop as well as physically (in a hopefully SD card format) on October 30, 2018.

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