Warshmallows Nintendo Switch release date January 6, 2022 You Run Ltd Bonus Stage Publishing

Finnish publisher Bonus Stage Publishing and developer You Run Ltd have announced that multiplayer platformer shooter Warshmallows is coming to Nintendo Switch with a release date of January 6, 2022. It previously soft-launched on PC via Steam back in March. As the title of the game would suggest, Warshmallows is about sentient marshmallows that go to war, which is just a completely normal thing. You can dash, float, jump, smack, and shoot to knock out your enemies, and “Automated bullet time will help you survive tight situations.”

You will be able to play on a team with your friends or throw down online with a bunch of suckers who don’t know the horror you’re about to unleash upon them. The action will apparently be cross-platform between Switch and PC as well, so you have options for how you would like to hurt people. The Warshmallows Nintendo Switch release date announcement trailer shows you the hectic action to expect.

There isn’t long to wait till the release date of Warshmallows on Nintendo Switch. Coincidentally, we just published a story about another game launching on January 6, the unusually cute horror action/puzzle game Heaven Dust 2. Grab ’em both if you want to have a deeply unusual afternoon of games.

[Source: PR]

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