Update: Thanks to a closer examination by people, it is confirmed that this teaser is fake.

A new teaser website has appeared for a game called Black Hound, which was announced for a “Currently Unannounced Nintendo Console” as well as both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There is no doubt that this is referring to the NX, which will be officially revealed next year.

The site also features an image of a creature close to a forest and a countdown for September 11th, which is likely the announcement date of the game.

Despite that Kojima’s name is missing from the teaser, it is hinted in the site: just look at the page’s title to see “Black Hound – A ##### ###### Game”. You just need to swap the hashes with his name in order to get the full title.

It was confirmed that both Kojima and Guillermo del Toro were still planning to do a new game after the new Silent Hill game was canceled, so it is likely that this game will be the resurrection of the project. Another probable hint of this collaboration is the logo’s font, which uses a similar font to the Silent Hill’s logo.

Considering the popularity of Kickstarter campaign for reviving old franchises with spiritual successors from the original makers, such as Mighty No. 9 and Yooka-Laylee, it would not be a surprise if this game will make use of the website to fund the project.

Eric Weichhart
When it comes to gaming, I don't choose a side nor the budget, but how much fun I will get from playing.


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