Overwatch Switch gameplay docked undocked

The launch of Overwatch’s Switch port is swiftly approaching. In preparation for this momentous occasion, GameSpot released more than 10 minutes of footage for the port, both docked and undocked.

One of the obvious concerns many gamers had going into this was that the graphics would be very dumbed down. The Switch doesn’t exactly have a good track record with this kind of thing. Thankfully, the game still looks pretty good graphic-wise. Obviously, the Switch port’s graphics aren’t as good as they would be on a high-tech PC. But you can’t carry a high-tech PC around with you in your pocket, now can you?

Overwatch’s art style is probably a huge help. While Overwatch is by no means 8-bit, it’s not as graphically intensive as a lot of other first-person shooters on the market right now. Its Pixar-ready character designs are a lot more Switch-friendly than a game with realistic skin textures and individually rendered beard follicles. In terms of the levels, there seems to be a bit of a hit toward the more intricate textures, but the characters themselves seem to remain true to form.

That said…

The graphics do seem to take a bigger hit when it’s in handheld mode, though. Blizzard can’t make miracles and the convenience of handheld systems comes with a big graphical cost. Expect things to get a bit blockier while playing on the go. Still, while undocked, the graphics are pretty good. Not perfect, but they get the job done and then some.

Overwatch Legendary Edition will release on Oct. 15. At launch, it will come with three free months of Nintendo Switch Online and the Noire Widowmaker skin. It’s a crying shame this port is coming more than three years after the game’s original release, but with any luck, Overwatch has a lot of life left in it.


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