DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee Link The Legend of Zelda fan art

In the comics community, few artists are as well known and respected as the legendary Jim Lee, current Co-Publisher of DC Comics who has been drawing comics for DC, Marvel, and independently for decades. He’s not a perfect artist and he’ll admit as much, but he draws maybe the most aesthetically pleasing figure art of anyone on the earth. Even better, Lee likes to stream himself drawing in order to help aspiring artists learn. And not too long ago, Jim Lee turned his artistic eye to none other than Link from The Legend of Zelda.

You can check out the finished product below, and underneath that you can watch the full video of how Lee produced his beautiful art! I appreciate how Lee chose to render Link as an energetic youth, as opposed to drawing him in a generically grim or aggressive style. I definitely like this more than what the God of War guy did, anyway. The only thing that bothers me a little is that he went with a right-handed Link, since I’m a lefty myself, but I’ll just pretend he stumbled into the Wii Twilight Princess world!

Tell us what you think of this Jim Lee art!


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