Upon hearing of the rumors about Watch Dogs\’ cancellation on Wii U, rather than perpetuating the rumor, we decided to do some of our own detective work to see if there was any truth to the claims of the rumor source. The results of our work are in and it’s safe to say that Watch Dogs was never being cancelled for the Wii U in the first place.

I contacted Nintendo Customer Service and was told that Watch Dogs was still scheduled for release on Wii U in 2014 according to the records in their database. The service employee proceeded to offer me Ubisoft’s customer support number to get a more official confirmation. The chat with Ubisoft Support returned similar results, concluding that the game was still arriving on Wii U, as they had not received any word of any cancellations. The employee added that a postponement of the game was all that had been known.

At this point in time, it was pretty clear that the Watch Dogs was still coming to Wii U, but in the interest of being thorough, I decided to reach out to GameStop Italia and Amazon. Here is what they had to say:

GameStop Italia

\”Dear Omar,

the news was an error.

From tomorrow the product will be prenotable in GameStop Italy stores

Best regards\”


Ashwani from Amazon Customer Support:

05:57 PM(GMT) Ashwani(CSA): Hello, my name is Ashwani.I\’ll be happy to help you today.

05:58 PM(GMT) Ashwani(CSA): Are you referring for this item;-


05:59 PM(GMT) Ashwani(CSA): http://www.amazon.com/Watch-Dogs-Nintendo-Wii-U/dp/B00BGHUS3A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1390586338&sr=8-1&keywords=Watch_Dogs+for+Wii+U

05:59 PM(GMT) Omar: Yes, for Wii U

06:01 PM(GMT) Ashwani(CSA): Omar, We can assure that this item is available for pre-order and you can place the order. We have not received any confirmation from supplier about cancellation.

So, you can pre-order for Watch Dogs – Nintendo Wii U.

Hopefully this puts to rest any concerns about Watch Dogs being cancelled for Wii U.

Moreover, the idea of Watch Dogs being canceled for Wii U didn\’t feel completely out of the question what with Nintendo’s fiscal year forecast reductions and whatnot, but there were other reasons as to why such an occurrence would be unlikely and why such detective work might not have been necessary. Not only was the source unnamed, but at the time the rumor surfaced, Amazon Italia and Ubisoft Italia still listed the Wii U version of Watch Dogs for preorder. While the GameStop Italia preorder page was actually down the day of the rumor from what I had encountered, it seems to have come back up now.

It also seemed strange to Nintendo Enthusiast Feature Editor Mike D that Ubisoft would be canceling the game considering the fact that they had already paid Ubisoft Romania to handle to Wii U version. Cancelling the game wouldn\’t recoup any of that money. Additionally, with Wii U ports only costing Ubisoft $1.3 million to develop, it suggests that Splinter Cell Blacklist, Assassin’s Creed IV, as well as other Ubisoft Wii U ports were probably profitable; cancelling the game might not have been economically practical.


That’s a wrap.

Special Thanks to Nintendo Enthusiast forums for doing some of the detective work seen here.


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