watch Nintendo Indie World Showcase announcement August 11, 2021

It’s time for another round of indie games galore, where our hopes for Hollow Knight: Silksong news is quickly destroyed. Indie World Showcase August 2021 kicks off at noon ET / 9 a.m. PT / 5 p.m. BST and will last for roughly 20 minutes. Not much is known about what to expect, but there’s a high chance that you’ll discover something great! These presentations are excellent ways to drive attention towards lesser-known games and give new developers a chance to be in the spotlight. You can watch the Indie World Showcase August 2021 below!

Time to watch Indie World Showcase August 2021

Just like with Nintendo Directs, the Indie World Showcase events are full of surprises. There will likely be some unexpected shadow-drops, games we didn’t know we wanted, and maybe long-awaited (unlikely) updates on previously announced titles — I’m looking at you Silksong! The last Indie World Showcase took place in April, where games such as Last Stop, Hindsight, Fez, and the mind-blowing reveal of Oxenfree II were announced. I’m excited to discover some new titles from a variety of different developers as I enjoy supporting creative ideas. Let’s hope the Indie World Showcase August 2021 presentation is full of pleasant surprises. Also, let’s create some kind of Hollow Knight: Silksong summoning circle.

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