Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct

It’s been a while since Nintendo gave us one of their announcement-packed video presentations. We’re still waiting for a general Nintendo Direct focused on the 2020 lineup, but today we have a more focused livestream. Nintendo is finally ready to take a deep dive into Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We’ve seen almost nothing of the upcoming game, but that all changes today.

Today’s Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct will last for 25 minutes. That’s plenty of time for Nintendo to dive in and show us what it’s made of! It all kicks off at 6:00 a.m. Pacific / 9:00 a.m. Eastern time. That’s 2:00 p.m. for our friends in the UK. We’re covering the event live, so follow along with us by clicking the stream below!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons revealed!

The next general Nintendo Direct

If Animal Crossing isn’t really your thing, keep your eyes peeled for the next general Nintendo Direct. We’ve heard tons of rumors about when it will be, but Nintendo’s staying quiet for now. We’ll certainly learn about Nintendo’s 2020 lineup at E3, but let’s hope we don’t have to wait that long. One of the leaks, from Resetera’s Zippo, suggested we would get two Directs in February. They correctly predicted that Animal Crossing would get its livestream on February 20. If they’re right on the money, a more general presentation could be just around the corner. If not, we’ll just have to try our best to be patient…

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