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Over the years, Nintendo has introduced us to countless beloved game worlds. If you’ve ever wished you could jump inside your TV and experience the Mushroom Kingdom in person, we’ve got good news! Nintendo and Universal Studios have been hard at work creating theme park attractions. The grand opening in Japan had to be delayed due to COVID-19, but the new date is fast approaching. In preparation, the Big N is airing a Super Nintendo World Direct to build hype.

Today’s Super Nintendo World Direct kicks off at 3:00 pm Pacific/6:00 pm Eastern. That’s 11 pm for our readers in the UK. The short stream will last for around 15 minutes, and it will be entirely focused on Universal Studio Japan’s new Nintendo attractions. You can watch along with us by clicking the embedded video below!

Super Nintendo World Direct

About the new theme park area

Heading into this Super Nintendo World Direct, there’s plenty to be excited about. The theme park area itself is a wonderful Mario-themed world packed with familiar sites. There are baddies like Thwomps, Goombas, and Pirhana Plants, important landmarks like Bowser’s Castle and a Toad House, and plenty of flagpoles, coins, and question blocks to go around. Nintendo has also previously given us a sneak peek at the Mario Kart Koopa’s Challenge ride.  Hopefully, there’s plenty more to see today! It all opens up to the public on February 4.

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