Wave Break

Following its March announcement, Wave Break, a combat “skateboating” (skateboarding, but with boats) game from Funktronic Labs, is set to release on Switch on June 11. The game will cost $29.99 at launch, though you can preorder it now for a 10% discount. To familiarize yourself with the game, watch the trailer below and read a short summary of what it’s all about.

Wave Break‘s gameplay loop is a little hard to describe. There are a whole bunch of features here, with gameplay largely centered on your ability to pull off impressive skateboating tricks and to gun down your opponents. Several modes accentuate the core gameplay; you can build your own custom skate parks, enjoy online and local multiplayer, or enjoy a single-player campaign. You can additionally spend all sorts of time buffing up your character, both by improving their stats at the gym and by customizing their look just to your liking. The synthwave soundtrack, the overload of neon, and the gunfights between skateboating animals all ooze a very specific style that makes Wave Break look like it will be an absolute blast to play.

Are you interested in picking up Wave Break? How’s that trailer look to you? I’m personally quite interested in this one, and if the gameplay is any bit as fun as it looks, I might have to give it a go.


Andrew Rockett
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