20 million Super Smash Bros. Ultimate .01

Another weekend is behind us, and if you were lucky, you found the time to sink your teeth into a game or two. What did that entail for you? Whether you were knee-deep in the latest release or cruising through your backlog, let’s hear what you got done this weekend.

This weekend, I played Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with some friends. I hadn’t been able to test Steve out too much yet (or Min-Min, for that matter), so I played a few rounds with each to get the hang of them – after all, I paid for the Fighters Pass, so I may as well get some use out of it.

Otherwise, weekend Among Us gatherings are quickly gaining popularity with my friends, and this weekend was no exception. That game is an excellent time, but only if you’ve got people you know to play it with (and preferably voice chat). Playing that game with randoms is terrible – it has one of the most inexplicably awful communities I’ve ever met in a game. It’s a lot better when you can hole up with friends and go at it Danganronpa style whenever a body turns up.

What did you work on this weekend? Are you playing a brand new game, are you still hopelessly glued to Animal Crossing: New Horizons (or revisiting it with the recent Fall update, or are you just doing some good old-fashioned backlogging? Share what you have going on in the comments.

Andrew Rockett
I'm the Reviews Editor here at Nintendo Enthusiast, and I'm a major fan of all consoles and eras. Follow me on Twitter @habitablestorm3 to talk games old and new.

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