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A great deal of news has come out recently regarding Nintendo’s upcoming foray into the theme park industry. Super Nintendo World will arrive this summer in Universal Studios Japan (Osaka), and Nintendo released a music video to hype up fans looking forward to the doors opening. Not a lot of news has been revealed about the theme park’s presence in the states though, like Universal Studios Florida. However, during a fourth-quarter earnings call with Comcast, the parent company of Universal, the company revealed that the current plan is for Orlando to include Super Nintendo World in the Epic Universe park opening sometime in 2023.

The Epic Universe is a new park that will feature attractions that are distinct to the Universal Studios Florida location. Regarding the announcement, a Comcast executive shared the following: “I think the next big thing on the horizon is Nintendo. Nintendo, based on our research, is one of the biggest potential drivers of attendance that you could have of any kind of I. P. It’s up there with Harry Potter.”

With the current schedule as it is, Super Nintendo World will open in Orlando after the Super Mario Bros. animated film is released. We still do not know how similar (in regards to attractions) the two Nintendo-themed parks will be.

We'll see you in 2023, Super Nintendo World

For Japan’s Super Nintendo World, construction is reaching completion if this Thwomp or Yoshi is anything to go by. There aren’t any details that have been revealed regarding the iteration that will be in Singapore, nor any updates on how Nintendo will be represented at Universal’s California theme park.

As soon as we have more specifics on Super Nintendo World’s presence in the states, we will share those with you.


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