What Comes After

Remember the visual novel/coffee simulator, Coffee Talk? I reviewed it last year and loved its look at relationships that bloom in local coffee shops. The reason I mention it is because the developers behind that game have a new adventure on its way to Nintendo Switch. Entitled What Comes After, the title follows a girl named Vivi and her train trip to and from the afterlife.

What Comes After sounds emotionally gutting

Here’s a quick announcement trailer to watch and absorb:

I see a ghost baby in the footage, so I already know I’ll be bawling should I purchase this experience.

Publisher Flynn’s Arcade promises a short but impactful story. The game will be easy to pick up and play and features a lighthearted take on where our souls go after we die. Themes of love, death, and regret are paramount as Vivi converses with the souls of plants, animals, and people aboard the spiritual train.

If the synopsis sounds intriguing to you, What Comes After will be available for preorder through the eShop beginning tomorrow. The game will cost $6.99 and launch on April 1.

Enthusiasts, are you keen on preordering What Comes After? Let us know what you think of the trailer in the comment section below.

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