battalion wars

As the tools and paths to publication available to indie devs continue to sophisticate, we’re seeing more and more complex games come from small studios. Sometimes, these games will aim to spiritually succeed a long lost genre or series. Most recently, Eiyuden Chronicle is tearing up Kickstarter as the Suikoden VI we never got, but in years and months past, we’ve seen A Hat in Time and Yooka-Laylee as love letters to 3D collectathon platformers, Rolled Out! ready to remind us what good Super Monkey Ball games felt like, and Ex-Zodiac bringing up classic low-poly Star Fox vibes. That’s not a complete list, but it paints a picture. Indie devs are picking up the slack and giving us the next best thing to revivals of our favorite series. Considering all that, if an indie dev dream team got together to make a spiritual successor to one of your favorite Nintendo series, what would it be?

I’ve mentioned this long-lost Advance Wars spinoff a few times here, and I’m nowhere near done – the world needs more Battalion Wars. This RTS series brings the unit rock-paper-scissors unit of Advance Wars into a real-time environment by having you actively command units while taking part in combat yourself. It’s very unique and quite fun, and it needs to come back – we haven’t heard a peep from the series since Battalion Wars 2 on the Wii. There’s so much potential for more.

What Nintendo series do you think could be handled by a well-funded indie dev? Let us know below!

Andrew Rockett
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