Donkey Kong Country 2

Switch owners and Nintendo are both well aware that the company’s barely functional online suite is not worth money. I imagine that the ensuing search for incentives beyond competent online infrastructure is why Nintendo axed the Virtual Console and instead tied a drip-feed of legacy content to their online subscription service. I’m a bit bitter, but it is what it is, and today, we finally received confirmation that one of the SNES’ flagship titles, Donkey Kong Country, will be available on the service soon. It’s nice to have, but there’s a lot more ground that can still be made up – what NES or SNES title do you still want to see on Nintendo Switch Online?

I’ve written about Earthbound before, and I do still really want that, but tonight I’m particularly inclined to shout out Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest. The original Donkey Kong Country is a fantastic game that stood out as one of the best in its class as it signified a new beginning for Rare and a rebirth for one of Nintendo’s most popular characters. The sequel, though? So much better, and in fact, if you ask me there still hasn’t been a single 2D platformer that can hope to match it. I’m excited to dive back into Donkey Kong Country, but I need to dive into its sequel on Switch as soon as possible.

What NES or SNES game do you want to play on Nintendo Switch Online? Let us know in the comments!

Andrew Rockett
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