Assuming you already own a Wii and 3DS and you\’re in the mood to spread the wealth around. What should you do? Everyone has different tastes and just because you loved taking on the massive world of Xenoblade, it doesn\’t mean any one else in the family will share your experience. So, what games might be suitable for them? Here’s our guide:


What To Buy Your Mom


1. The Sims 3

The 3DS just got a new version of the Sims and if your Mom is the type who loves interior decorating this might be up her alley. While the Sims might not be as thrilling anymore to a gaming veteran like yourself as it was five years ago, I doubt your Mom has put as many hours into gaming as you have. Introduce her to the Sims and she may have found herself a substitute for her furniture binge shopping.


2. Super Monkey Ball 3D

Super Monkey Ball is a simple concept to pick up and enjoy. Your mother won\’t need to master fourteen-move combos or sit through an hour raid on an enemy fortress. She just has to tilt the system and watch those charming little monkeys roll.


3. Plants VS Zombies

While this game hasn\’t made it to 3DS retail yet your Mom can still enjoy this year’s DS outing of the defense-minded plants and adorable zombies. There’s a reason for this game’s success and it’s due to it blend of simplicity and addictiveness. If your Mother is more of a thinker and less of a physical type, she may prefer this strategy game to any other.


4. Fortune Street

Does your Mom dream of the day she can get the whole family to sit down and play a board game together? Now her dream can come true at the kitchen table.. er, on your Wii. Mario and co. team up to bring this Japanese board game to American audiences and it is surprisingly solid. Similar to Monopoly but with Mario and Bowser, all ages can enjoy this family experience.


5. Super Mario 3D Land

Super Mario 3D Land has such a broad appeal that it can easily be recommended for any family member- even your grandma. Bright visuals, quick levels, easy to learn controls, and varied gameplay all combine for a fresh Mario game that is the perfect game for veterans and novices alike.


What To Buy Your Dad

1. Madden NFL 12

Is your Dad the beer-bellied couch potato who lives to watch another football game with his unemployed friends? He probably doesn\’t have the strength to get himself out into the yard and play the real sport, so get him the next best thing– the Wii version of Madden NFL 12. At least then he can quarterback from the seat of his couch while getting a bit of arm exercise with the Wii-mote.


2. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12

Or maybe your father is the elite businessman whose idea of relaxation is doing 18 holes in a faraway resort. Get him to stay home a little longer by shoving a Wii-mote in his hands and squaring him off against Tiger Woods. Luckily, the game is good enough that he might actually enjoy it.


3. Shinobi

Some of our Dads are original NES gamers who think today’s generation suffers from handicapped games that serve up the easy on a silver platter. Let him try Shinobi on your 3DS and make sure it’s set to the hard difficulty. Then let’s see who gets the last laugh.


4. Professor Layton and the Last Specter

If Dad is generally disinterested in games but enjoys logic puzzles then you could do worse than introducing him to the wonderful world of Professor Layton. While he may be turned off by the hand-drawn cartoon graphics, once he gets drawn in by the addictive puzzles he may just find he likes the Layton universe.



What To Buy Your Little Sister


1. Rayman Origins

Fun, gorgeous, and full of personality, Rayman Origins is one of the best games on the market this holiday season but it may be overlooked by mature gamers who wouldn\’t be seen with a limbless mascot with a ten-foot pole. Rectify this problem by making sure your sister gets to enjoy the marvelous worlds and charm of Rayman Origins.


2. Kirby’s Return to Dreamland

KRtD doesn\’t reinvent the wheel but for some people that’s still okay. Kirby once again stars the pink puff with all his classic moves. For a gamer looking for something casual but fun, Nintendo usually has you covered.


3. Monster Tale

Monster Tale on the DS is actually a very clever Metroidvania. Besides for polished level-design it has a few nifty tricks up its sleeve. The lower screen houses your very own personal monster who is willing to fight on your behalf as long as you\’re willing to keep a constant supply of food handy. Your monster evolves and grows according to the direction you set for it and can eventually turn into quite the warrior. The cute graphics and easy beginnings may suggest this is a casual title but it actually packs a lot of depth.


4. Pushmo

If your sister has any artistic talent she may enjoy the simple puzzler, Pushmo. You can read all about it in our recent review.



What To Buy Your Little Brother


1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

It’s your job as an older brother to instruct your sibling in the knowledge of classic Nintendo. If he was too young to have played Ocarina of Time on the N64 it’s imperative that you save his life and introduce him to Hyrule in its perfection. Let him learn the ropes of 3D Zelda games and when he’s ready it’s time for you to indoctrinate him in the holiness that is…


2. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Yes. He shouldn\’t go into Skyward Sword as his first Zelda game. He must realize the not-so-humble beginnings of Ocarina of Time before he sees the achievement of Skyward Sword. Of course, as his personal gaming coach, you\’ll have to point out his foolishness when hacking randomly at an enemy and instead teach him the correct approach to fighting an enemy in this new kind of Zelda game.


3. Xenoblade Chronicles

If you happen to live in a Xenoblade-thriving climate, then this is the best way to bond with your brother. Have him explore the Bionis for hours at a time, while you peer over his shoulder making important comments and trash-talk whenever appropriate.


4. Pokemon Black/White

Truthfully, if you wanted to get your brother something that HE wants it would probably be Pokemon. Collecting all billion and a half Pokemon is more fun than ever in the latest Pokemon and there’s a good chance at least a few of his friends have it. The next best thing to Pokemon would be…


5. Mario Kart 7

Yes, this is a great game for your brother to bring to school and show off to his classmates. Racing is always popular and in 3D it has never looked better. When kids take turns racing through the air and under the sea during recess, your brother will be one popular kid thanks to you.



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