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Just like there are some games we love that the critics hated, there are games everybody else loves that we hate. It’s just an inevitability when there are different people with different tastes. And it’s true of all art forms. For instance, the new Star Wars movies have been extremely divisive. But when it comes to video games, for me there is one overrated video game that pushes out all others: Undertale.

I’m sure the developer worked very hard to craft that game, and it’s sold oodles of copies. So I don’t mean to disparage any of those people or attempt to discredit their success in any way. I’m just saying that — when it comes to strictly my perspective — I thought Undertale was an enormous train wreck of a bad time.

I hated the characters. I didn’t think the writing was funny or charming. I hated the hideous art style. (I love pixel art and Earthbound, FYI.) I can’t remember the soundtrack at all, so I can’t honestly say if I hated that. But I can say definitively that the only thing I enjoyed about Undertale was the “shooter” sections to dodge enemy attacks. I despised almost the entire game aside from that. And I got the pacifist ending, so I can say for sure I received a “full helping” of the game.

It regularly blows my mind not only that the game was successful, but that there are people who are rabid for it and that it has somehow appeared on the cover of Japanese gaming publication Famitsu.

most overrated video game | Frank Grimes | Undertale

Me, thinking about Undertale’s success

What about you? What is the most overrated video game you ever played? Tell us in the comments below!

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