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Earlier today Zachary published an article exploring how Nintendo kept the GameCube controller in constant circulation.  The GameCube itself is nearly two decades old, and Nintendo continues to sell brand new controllers. The love of fans is a powerful thing! That got me thinking, what’s the best video game controller of all time?

Super Nintendo and PlayStation 4 (gasp!) are strong contenders for me, but nothing beats the latest and greatest from Nintendo. I love my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. It fits perfectly and comfortably in my hands. The triggers, face buttons, and joysticks all feel fantastic. And let’s not forget about that sweet, sweet HD rumble.

There is one exception. When it comes to Super Smash Bros., there’s no substitute for the GameCube controller. Sure, I can play it with a Pro just fine. But with well over a decade’s worth of muscle memory stored up, why would I? If we’re fighting in Smash, I want the weapon I know best.

So how about you? Which video game controller is your all-time favorite? Sound off in the comments below!


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Ben Lamoreux
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