Switch Joy-Con on Table

When they are not drifting incessantly or spending six weeks in repair-land, the Switch’s iconic Joy-Con controllers are pretty snazzy. A few times a year, we see Joy-Con released in new colors, like the recently announced blue, neon orange, neon yellow, and neon purple variants. In addition to what we already have, this makes for a wide range of possible color combinations. On top of standard grey, there is the whole line of neon colors — pink, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, and purple — as well as a standard red and the just-unveiled left blue Joy-Con. We also have a whole world of custom shells and special Joy-Con exclusive to a game or system. Which combination do you rock, and what is your dream color combo?

I personally go with neon pink and neon blue almost all of the time. Aesthetically, it’s an excellent combo that gives off some major Splatoon 2 vibes. Plus, on a more practical note, they are the two Joy-Con I own with the least noticeable drifting issues.

However, while I currently stick with those two, my favorite color is purple. Once the purple Joy-Con comes out, I might have to change things up. Purple and neon blue would go quite nicely together, I bet.

Neon pink and neon blue is just one possible combination out of very, very many. I’m sure plenty of you go with something different. What is your favorite Joy-Con color combo? Head down into the comments section to let us know your thoughts!

Andrew Rockett
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