Ice Hockey

Local multiplayer really evolved during the N64’s reign, when its four controller ports unlocked the full glory of behemoths like Goldeneye 007Mario Party, and Super Smash Bros. Nintendo had tons of awesome local multiplayer games around before then, though, all the way back on the NES. There weren’t as many greats back then, but many slipped through and rightfully made their mark. What’s your favorite NES multiplayer experience?

Ice Hockey is the runaway winner for me. Hockey video games are always a great time, and Ice Hockey represents one of the earliest and greatest versions. Simplicity is its strength, as anyone can pick it up and play right away, immediately engrossing themselves in the game’s intense speed and fun. Ice Hockey boils the sport down to its most basic elements – a speedy back-and-forth where your objective is to sneak the puck into the opposing goal. For whatever reason, it worked amazingly – and it holds up perfectly today, too, so if you have Nintendo Switch Online, fire it up and try a few rounds!

What is your favorite multiplayer NES game? There are not a ton of choices, but many titles left their mark one way or another. If you’ve got excellent multiplayer memories from the NES days, be sure to share your favorites below.

Andrew Rockett
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