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We have not had a general Nintendo Direct since September of last year, and we’ve got barely any idea of what Nintendo has planned for after Animal Crossing: New Horizons launches in March. With rumors flying, release dates looming, and two series-specific Directs happening in the last two weeks, we can all feel a new, broad Direct happening soon that lays out Nintendo’s plans for the first several months of what should be a very busy year. It could still happen this week, even, or Nintendo could end up stringing us along well into February. I’m quite confident of the obvious–that we will not have to wait until March–but beyond that, it’s guesswork. When do you predict that the next Direct will happen?

I’m feeling pretty good about next week, myself, though no particular date would surprise me. Without any releases right around the corner, it’s hard to pinpoint a day that a Direct should happen by, but with recent rumors of Wii U ports and Paper Mario revivals floating around, it’s gotta be soon, right? Otherwise, I think that a little bit of distance between the recent Pokémon and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Directs could be a good thing, unless Nintendo would rather capitalize while everyone is still buzzing about the last couple of announcements. The way I see it, those last two series-focused Directs mean that Nintendo either does not have enough to say for a general Direct, so they’re spacing their news out in short bursts and it’ll be a while before we get the next big one, or they have so much to show off that they need to get some announcements taken care of separately. I’m sure we’re all hoping for the latter, but it’s so hard to get a read on what they’re planning.

When do you think that the next Nintendo Direct will hit? What are you basing that guess off of? Hopefully, it lands, well, as soon as possible, but nothing will surprise me at this point. Let us know what you think in the comments.


Andrew Rockett
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