Diddy Kong Racing

Rare’s Nintendo 64 catalog is one of the best developer-console pairings across the medium’s entire history. They dominated numerous genres with a wide range of colorful, exciting IPs. When Rare went over the Microsoft, a whole host of sequels, like Donkey Kong Racing and Banjo-Threeie, were lost to time. It’s tough to imagine what might have been, but I often find myself wondering what the gaming landscape might look like had Diddy Kong Racing had a few more sequels to compete with Mario Kart, or if Banjo and Kazooie never took up those jobs as mechanics. It’s hard to pick and choose, but which Rare series from the Nintendo 64 do you miss the most?

While I am an absolutely huge Banjo-Kazooie fan, I have to go with Diddy Kong Racing. I’m a huge fan of the kart racing genre, and I’ve discussed at length why I think a revival is in order for what I believe was once the best kart racer ever made. While it has been surpassed by other kart racers in the last twenty years, Diddy Kong Racing is a unique title that still just isn’t quite matched in some ways. I would have loved to see the kart racing genre evolve with Diddy Kong’s incredible single-player kart racing adventure as a sustained influence.

Which Rare series from the Nintendo 64 do you miss seeing on Nintendo systems? Let us know in the comments!

Andrew Rockett
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