Who is your favorite Gen II Pokémon?

By 3 months ago

Many adults today look back to the early generations of Pokémon with fondness. We’ve bonded with hundreds of wonderfully designed creatures from that era, loving their on-screen personalities in the TV show and movies while using them as the crutches of our squads in the games. Gen II is a particularly beloved era for Pokémon for several reasons, its wonderful cast of Pocket Monsters one of the first and foremost. What is your favorite Pokémon out of Gen II?

I personally have always had a soft spot for Entei. As a child, I loved his movie – meticulously titled Pokémon 3: The Movie. Watching it over and over again, it was the first media from the series that I remember really getting into, and Entei was just so cool throughout. Going along with that nicely was Pokémon Crystal, my first Pokémon game, in which I was so excited to see Entei that I lobbed my Master Ball on him. Don’t care, it was worth it.

Who is your favorite Gen II Pokémon? Is it a nifty starter like Cyndaquil, a towering badass like Tyranitar, or a different one? Perhaps any one of the generation’s very cool legendaries? Let us know your pick in the comments below.

Andrew Rockett

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