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Things are starting to get a little crowded with all these different digital games showcases, but sure, we can make room for one more: Apropos of nothing, a “Wholesome Direct” has come into existence and will premiere on YouTube on May 26 at 1 p.m. ET. It is the work of Wholesome Games, which is primarily a Twitter account dedicated to highlighting video games that just make you feel good.

Wholesome Direct producer Matthew Taylor shared the following about the event: “Our hope is that this showcase brings joy to both the developers and fans involved. Please look forward to exclusive footage and announcements from games like Ooblets, Spiritfarer, SkateBIRD, Little Witch in the Woods, Garden Story, Chicory, Rainy Season, and many more!”

The below video is the precise place where Wholesome Games’ showcase will occur on May 26. (It’s obviously inactive at the moment.) You can find a list of participating publishers at its website. I wouldn’t necessarily expect a lot of brand new games to be revealed here, but it will certainly be a nice way to put some cuddly new games on your radar.

The Wholesome Direct is only the newest (and, incidentally, earliest to air) of the myriad digital video game showcases occurring from now until the end of summer. Just yesterday, the New Game+ Expo was announced for some major Japanese game publisher reveals. Ubisoft Forward and EA Play are in the works as well. IGN is cooking up a big event with major game publishers, and The Escapist is working on a similar event for indie developers.

If you want video game news, summer 2020 gonna give it to ya.


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