Acknowledging the issue with their marketing, Nintendo has released a flyer (originally spotted by Geoff Keighley at PAX East), which attempts to show the difference between Wii and Wii U. Apparently, you\’re actually able to tear the ads off from where they are placed and take them home.



Some of you might be familiar with this similar advertising page on Wii U’s official website.

I must say though, the ad doesn\’t really do a good job helping the general public to understand the difference between the two consoles. You can\’t go around telling the general public that the Wii U has Miiverse, Wii U Chat, Nintendo TVii, and GamePad functionality over the Wii as if they are supposed to know what those features even are in the first place. Instead of throwing trademarks are the public, use more universal terms to describe the new features (Ex: Nintendo Social Network instead of Miiverse, Video Chat instead of Wii U Chat, etc). But if they must throw trademarks at people, at least give a brief description of the app name.

How do you feel about this flyer? Think Nintendo did an adequate job?


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