We\’ve followed the back-and-forth of confirmations concerning the remaining lifespan of the Wii in Japan and other regions, first learning that the Wii was indeed being discontinued in Japan but not in Europe and other regions. The fate of the Wii seemed uncertain until yesterday, when a Nintendo UK rep finally confirmed the end of the Wii in Europe.

Speaking to MCV, a Nintendo UK rep explained, \”Wii imports to Europe have been discontinued. However, there are still a variety of options for consumers to enjoy Wii games and the Wii gameplay experience.\” The rep goes on to confirm that these variety of options likely encompass investing in a Wii U.

However, Europeans can still purchase a Wii Mini as an alternative. “Wii Mini is also now available across Europe offering Wii gameplay experiences at a great value. Wii Mini puts the focus squarely on games with over 1200 existing disc-based Wii titles to choose from.”

So, it seems the curtains are being closed on the standard Wii unit in Europe, and as we\’ve learned the same goes for Japan. Now, what about North America?

According to a recent Gamespot report, \”There is no change in the status of Wii in the United States, and it is available for purchase this holiday season,\” says a Nintendo of America rep. It should be safe to assume that this applies to the rest of North America, as well.

From the situations in Europe and Japan, this could be the last holiday season for the Wii with its discontinuation in the US and the rest of North America happening sometime in 2014, but that is just speculation. Nevertheless, the western hemisphere remains the last haven for the shelf life of the Nintendo Wii.


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