The part of many chapters in the book of lawsuits based on infringement of technology such as the Wii Motion Plus, the 3DS, and the Wii Balance Board has now closed.  This time around, a company known as Triton made an argument stating that the technology used in the Wii MotionPlus infringed on their own patent for a mouse, which has a six degree sense of motion that arises from movement of the mouse within three dimensions, which in turn make use of accelerometers and angular rate sensors.

The judge in the case, Richard Jones of the U.S. district court, dismissed the lawsuit which followed a ruling that rejected their legal argument.  Richard Medway, NOA’s deputy counsel said Nintendo feels very vindicated by the ruling and that Nintendo has always had a good track record and fight strongly to defend their products when they are coming into question as being an infringement on another company’s technology.

\”Consumers respect Nintendo because we develop unique and innovative products, and because we respect the intellectual property rights of others,\” said Medway.

Just this past March Nintendo lost a case based on patent infringement regarding the 3DS and had to pay former Sony executive Seijiro Tomita about $30.2 million in damages.  Whether or not that has greatly affected Nintendo remains to be seen.

What are your thoughts on the whole patent infringement scandal?

[Source: Nintendo Insider]


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