Nintendo created a mainstream demand for motion controls with its Wii Remote. Much like many other Nintendo console designs, the Wii was nearly completely different externally from its predecessor. On the inside though, they shared various similarities. So similar, in fact, that it was used to test early prototypes. One of those recently sold at auction, bringing in $660.

Is it real?

Even with the GameCube being more of a traditional console, it doesn’t mean that Nintendo wasn’t looking ahead. One of the most noticeable things regarding the wired controller is the port. The GameCube controller port is visible at the end. A developer form WayForward has confirmed that the Wii Remote prototype is indeed real. James Montagna, a designer/director at WayForward Technologies, also went on to showcase yet another prototype design.

More WiiWare

In another tweet following the initial confirmation, Montagna showed off some other images of a more advanced Wii Remote and Classic Controller prototypes. The remote has a few more buttons, including a back and traditional pause. These buttons later became the + and -, something that has since carried over to both the Wii U and Switch. He also notes that there is a different font on each of them.

The “Century Gothic” font and other small differences are present. Another one includes the Wii Remote and Nunchuck connecting via an ethernet port. Although the equipment isn’t proprietary, it seems that the person who was awarded the winning bid has indicated that they cannot get the controller to work.

It’s interesting to look back on some of Nintendo’s hardware designs. The Nintendo Wii had initially released in November 2006, with the Nintendo Wii U following it six years later on November 18, 2012. The Nintendo Switch changed things up a bit, releasing on March 3, 2017.

With talks of a new Nintendo Switch console potentially in the works, this could mean we may see a new console drop around the same time of the initial Nintendo Switch release window.


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