Console funding tier at $100,000

In response to high demand, a Wii U stretch goal for $100,000 has been added along side the other console tiers to the Kickstarter campaign of The Way.

Inspired by classic titles inclduing Another World, Heart of Darkness and Flashback, The Way seeks to succeed where remakes and re-releases of those games could not and delivering an experience with similar spirit and gameplay.

The Way chronicles the life of the member of a space explorers team, who lost a woman dear to his heart and is having trouble facing the fact of her death. Finding ancient writtings on eternal existence during one of his last expeditions makes him come back there in search of the meaning of life itself.

Game Features:

  • Immersing sci-fi story,
  • Unique alien planet to explore,
  • Retro pixelart style rich with animations,
  • Emphasis on the atmosphere and emotions,
  • Multi-function alien artifact (telekinesis, relfective shield and teleportation!),
  • Mind-bending puzzles,
  • Level design inspired by Éric Chahi’s masterpieces.

You can find details about the game in full at the the game’s official Kickstater page.


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