While Wii U initially had a rough Spring and Summer 2013 selling season, it has since picked up its selling rate and is now rivaling the life-to-date (LTD) performance in Japan of Sony’s PlayStation 3 as well as their PlayStation Vita, according to Media Create numbers crunched by a Neogaf member (via Nintendo Enthusiast Forums).

First year (52 weeks):

PS3 – 1,273,555
Wii U – 1,219,474
PSV – 1,074,621

First 54 weeks (current Wii U LTD)

Wii U – 1,343,139
PS3 – 1,341,304
PSV – 1,110,333

Globally, the Wii U was off to a commendable start back when it launched, selling a respectable 2,247,216 units after 6 weeks. In comparison, the Wii (2,954,781), Nintendo DS (2,857,387), and PlayStation 4 (2,379,547 through 4 weeks) sold more briskly.  The Wii U still edged out the Xbox 360 (1,178,267), PlayStation 3 (887,425), Nintendo 3DS (1,764,223), PlayStation Vita (563,810), and Xbox One (1,836,387 through 3 weeks), though. In that same timeframe, Wii U is also on track to outperform the Xbox One (outputting 448,365 this week and currently selling below 3rd week Wii U sales). However, were they released alongside each other, PlayStation 3 would have surpassed Wii U LTD sales by its 22nd week, while the Xbox 360 would have done so by its 26th week.

While Wii U hasn\’t yet overtaken global Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 LTD sales, it’s certainly been on the upswing as of late, and may have a chance to do so in the future if Nintendo can play their cards correctly.


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