Regarding the Wii U system update Iwata mentioned during the January Nintendo Direct, this system update will be released next week. As we mentioned before, this system update will significantly improve loading times when switching between software or returning to the Wii U menu.

Additionally, it will add new features such as the ability to copy and move data between two USB drives…


Automatically install new software you have downloaded in the background while you are playing a game…



And automatically receive updates even without starting up the software…


There will be other improvements such as being able to press the B button while the hardware is starting up to go directly to Wii mode.


Also, after you have started downloading software, a new standby functions will enable your Wii U to continue downloading and installing software even after you turn off your Wii U, therefore, saving you lots of time.


We also talked about Wii U Virtual Console during the January Nintendo Direct and this service will start the day after the system update becomes available. Check out this awesome sizzle real for upcoming Virtual Console!

As we shared in January  Wii U Virtual Console games can be played in Off-Tv Mode on the Gamepad and each game will have their own Miiverse community. If you have already transferred your Virtual Console game from Wii to Wii U, you can continue to experience those game in Wii Mode, however, if you\’d like to take advantage of the new Wii U features you will able to purchase the Wii U versions of the game at a reduced price (Reduced price only available to those who already own the Wii version of the game).



Nintendo is also working to bring GameBoy Advance and Nintendo 64 games to the Wii U Virtual Console service in the future.

How’s that for a system update?


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