In an interview with Gamasutra, Dan Adelman, Nintendo’s liaison with indies, explained how Nintendo has made it a much easier for independent game developers to create games for both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Adelman was able to confirm that the controversial office requirement is now a thing of the past and developers can create games wherever suited them best. He also noted that developers had the ability to set their own pricing for games and could make permanent price changes. Does this mean that Nintendo no longer has a disinterest in $.99 games or is there minimum price starting point?

Dan Adelman: \”I know we\’ve shied away from talking about these things publicly in the past, so I\’m glad that I can officially confirm that the office requirement is a thing of the past.\”

\”Anyone from any country can make their games available on the eShop within the NOA and NOE region — i.e., pretty much everywhere outside of Japan.\”

\”Developers set their own pricing for their Wii U and Nintendo 3DS content. As one example, Little Inferno launched at $14.99. They did a sale for $9.99, and it went so well, they decided to make that price change permanent. It’s completely in their control.\”

\”In addition, at GDC we\’re going to be talking about some new tools we\’re rolling out for developers to use HTML5 and JavaScript to make games. The thing I\’m most excited about for this is how easy it is to prototype new game ideas to find the fun quickly and easily.\”


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