Last week I let slip a little preview of a hardware experiment i\’d been toying with for quite a while, the incredibly promising, yet seemingly abandoned Wii U Zapper. Now with an ergonomically designed mock-up, I have a run down of the cheap peripheral which, when combined with the Wii U Gamepad and a little bit of clever software, could let Nintendo make a blue ocean out of the currently stagnant pool we refer to as the FPS genre.

In the field, this has proven to be accurate, fast, and absolutely intuitive to use. Beyond the cool 3D capabilities and fantastic immersion, the almost non-existent learning curve of this device provides the first accessible avenue into one of the most \”hardcore\” genres. Imagine playing Call of Duty online, in split-screen on the Wii U, with your dad kicking ass and taking names alongside you! Without sacrificing gameplay depth, the Zapper could create the bridge for Nintendo’s \”Wii Sports\” demographic to confidently step into one of the industry’s most popular genres, frustration free.

What do you think? Is this something you or your family would enjoy? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Nintendo Enthusiast for future developments; I now have a zapper with working buttons, Nintendo Land’s Metroid game, and a slew of unwitting Christmas-time family members to experiment on!


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