It was revealed in a recent Iwata Asks, that at one point during the development of The Legend of Zeda: Wind Waker, design teams turned over the idea in their mind of having protagonist Link have laser beam eyes.  The reason was so that the over sized anime features of some of the characters could have been more utilized to their full effect.

The graphic designer of the game, Satoru Takizawa iterated that both Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka wanted to be able to supply a reason for, \”the eyes being so big\”.

\”Now that the eyes had gotten much larger, we wanted to make their facial expressions richer by increasing the number of patterns for the eyes and mouth.  Partway through, we even talked about having beams come out of his eyes!\” said Takizawa.

Toon Link’s design had been part of an ongoing attempt to have the series evolve beyond what it had already become.  The new link k\’od the design team when graphic designer Yoshiki Haruhana presented it to them out of the blue.  Takizawa said that the moment his eyes met the canvas of the new Toon Link character he said there was no end to having Link do moves and actions that would look good and feel good no matter how he moved.

Takizawa also noted that another great benefit of having the cel shaded visuals was the way they could have them represent mechanisms and objects for puzzles in a more understandable way.

\”When the the visuals are photo realistic, it had the adverse effect of making information difficult to represent game-wise,\” said Takizawa.

What do you think of the idea of having a laser beamed Link? Should they have had him be able to blow an icy breath on his foes like a certain caped crusader we know? Let us know in the comments section.


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