The exciting re-release of the acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, hitting shelves this coming fall, is looking to be a must-have for Wii U owners. While gamers will be able to enjoy one of Link’s greatest adventures in Wind Waker HD, some may be disappointed that the remake will be just that – a remake.

According to a recent interview by Australian games site Vooks, Wind Waker HD will fulfill its duty as a remake and will not include additional dungeons cut from the original game nor a hard mode to amp up the game’s difficulty. Zelda fans hoping for this added difficulty mode found in the recent Skyward Sword and even in the Master Quest of Ocarina of Time 3D will not find it in this remake.

At this time, not much has been confirmed (although Zelda Informer claims that the game’s Triforce quest has been altered). Gamers should nevertheless expect a great experience with Wind Waker HD. Though, if you ask me, even if they don\’t add a hard mode, it\’d be nice if the final battle difficulty got increased at least a little bit.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD sets sail for the Wii U this October.


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