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Windbound combines The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Don’t Starve, and other influences to create a tropical survival adventure roguelike that hopes to keep players hooked for dozens of hours at a time. Developer 5 Lives Studios has released a video displaying over 20 minutes of gameplay to provide prospective players a taste of what is in store, with narration by studio co-founder and lead animator Mitch Clifford.

The video is set at a point where the protagonist has acquired basic gear and is trying to unravel some of the secrets of the mysterious islands upon which she is trapped. Additionally, you can get an idea of how sailing, hunting, and crafting work in the game.

Base building will be a major component of Windbound — except that your “base” is uniquely your boat, which you can build out in different ways to increase its durability and stability, among other things. The game also has separate “Survivalist” and “Storyteller” modes, but the differences between the two aren’t clear yet.

For even more details of what to expect from Windbound, check out sister site The Escapist’s interview with 5 Lives’ Mitch Clifford. Windbound will release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and (hahaha) Stadia on Aug. 28.


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