Windjammers 2 gameplay teaser trailer Dotemu Nintendo Switch

Windjammers 2 was a big surprise when it was first announced last year, considering it’s a sequel to a Neo Geo game. But the fanbase has embraced it with arms wide open, and French developer DotEmu has now released some brief alpha footage of gameplay. Give it a whirl below.

The brief bits of gameplay on display are basically what you’d expect: people tossing a Frisbee. However, I’m really digging the comic book-esque art style of the characters, with the thick black inks applied for shading. The dynamic way that the Frisbee pops up and down is a great touch too, so as far as alphas go, this one is shaping up pretty nicely.

Are you excited for Windjammers 2, or are you more interested in Dotemu’s other surprise game in progress, Streets of Rage 4? Maybe both? Let us know!


John Friscia
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