Windjammers Switch FI

The Windjammers Switch port shows that this 24-year-old game still has legs. Conceptually, Windjammers is very simple–it’s basically air hockey with a FrisbeeWith such a simple concept, gameplay makes or breaks the whole experience. Luckily, Windjammers passes any test with flying colors. The fast-paced, fluid movement and disk throws prop this one up as a great addition to any local or online multiplayer library.

Windjammers Switch

Gameplay is easy to pick up. The potential for trick shots and skillful bounces creates a reasonably high skill ceiling. The premise is nothing out of this world: Two totally ripped beach bods stand on opposite ends of a sandy arena whipping a Frisbee back and forth, trying to skirt it past the opposing player to score a goal. Intense rallies loaded with diving catches, trick shots, and deflections are a dime a dozen. Matches are played in a best-of-three format with a customizable timer and score limit. You can score two, three, or five points at a time en route to victory.

The single-player in Windjammers is an afterthought at best. You play five successive matches against some admittedly capable CPUs. There are also two forgettable minigames. That’s it. It’s fun to mess around with for a few minutes while you get a handle on the gameplay, but make no mistake–Windjammers is a multiplayer game through and through. 

Windjammers Switch

The aesthetics in Windjammers make it look and feels like an arcade game old enough to run for Congress, because it is almost exactly that. (It’s 24 years old, so ineligible for this year’s midterms, but Windjammers 2020 is perfectly viable.) However, this game has my vote because it is just really, really fun. As one of the better head-to-head titles on Switch, it is perfect for some quick rounds when you and a friend have a few minutes to spare. It’s also deep enough for longer, more intense sessions. Windjammers is a surprisingly simple yet deliciously fun game, and if it’s multiplayer you’re looking for, this title belongs in your collection.

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: Oct. 23, 2018
No. of Players: 2 players simultaneous
Category: Arcade, Sports, Fighting, Multiplayer
Publisher: DotEmu
Developer: Dotemu
*The publisher has noted that an update stabilizing the game’s online play will be available soon.
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  • Tight gameplay
  • Great retro look and feel


  • Very light on content
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