Wing of Darkness launch trailer Nintendo Switch release date June 3, 2021 Clouded Leopard Entertainment Production Exabilities

It’s a few weeks early for a launch trailer, but nevertheless, publisher Clouded Leopard Entertainment and developer Production Exabilities have revealed the Wing of Darkness launch trailer ahead of the game’s June 3, 2021 release date on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam. It’s a really slick-looking aerial mech combat game with an anime aesthetic (go figure), with 10 types of weapons to mix and match for different story-driven missions. The game will retail for $29.99 (or $268 in Hong Kong dollars, if that happens to apply to you), launching digitally in the West but being available physically in Japan and Asia in standard and limited editions.

Wing of Darkness is about two women, Klara and Erika, who are elite “Frauleins” piloting weapons that are the only hope for humanity to fight back the threat of the mysterious Blankers. The voice acting is in Japanese, but there are subtitles for English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. Gameplay-wise, you’ll be able to aim in any direction with “user-friendly controls” and ammo that auto-restores over time.

Based on its launch trailer, Wing of Darkness sounds a lot like another cool mech game on Nintendo Switch, Project Nimbus: Complete Edition. Project Nimbus was an extremely repetitive game, but it was still somehow pretty fun and at times really attractive. Maybe Wing of Darkness can achieve something even greater upon its release date on Switch early next month.


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