April 2, 2019, was a fine day for gaming leaks. Sources detailed some unannounced titles that were unearthed through retailer Best Buy. These games included Persona 5, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Metroid Prime: Trilogy. All of these adventures were presumably on their way to Switch in some capacity. However, recent sleuthing has found Best Buy performing memory wipes of the video games from its internal servers.

Just what are you trying to hide?!

Famed leaker @Wario64 recently shared this message via Twitter:

It’s true what they say: The internet NEVER forgets.

Was this just an error or a meditated cover-up? Looking at a few replies to Wario64, it seems these listings are coming to E3 2019:

In other words, leave it to customer assistants to know the real inner workings surrounding retail giants.

Let’s make some educated guesses

My opinion? Every single one of these products is coming to Switch.

For instance, Joker is a DLC character in Smash Bros. Ultimate. It would behoove Nintendo to have the RPG he starred in, Persona 5, available on Switch. Similarly, Cloud makes sense now that FFVII is on the eShop. After that, what’s one more successful RPG on Nintendo’s latest?

In addition, Metroid Prime 4 is a ways off. The FPS/Adventure hybrid switched developers, and all the work that was put into it has been scrapped. Therefore, what better way to hold eager Samus fans over than by re-releasing Retro’s Metroid Prime: Trilogy?

Lastly, A Link to the Past. The greatest Zelda game ever conceived. The Best Buy listing means one of two things. Either the game is coming digitally to Switch through a SNES eShop service or it is being remade a la Link’s Awakening. My money is on the former. Although, if Nintendo gives me a reimagining of A Link to the Past in addition to Link’s Awakening this year, I’ll cry tears of literal joy.

In conclusion, this is all just speculation

Internet readers, what are your thoughts regarding the Best Buy wipes? Do you believe every listing was a generic placeholder or is there cause to be quite excited for Nintendo’s E3 2019? Above all, keep the conversation going with your honest opinion below.

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