Nintendo Direct top 5 dream announcements wish list

Nintendo fans have been going crazy with anticipation while awaiting the next full, general Nintendo Direct. That feeling has only been strengthened in recent days, as the COVID-19 crisis forces people indoors. The recent Indie World Showcase was a refreshing glass of water in the desert, but we’re still craving an oasis. If a recent scoop by Venture Beat proves correct, it’s just around the corner! With that in mind, I’ve got a wish list! Here are the top 5 things that I hope to see in the next Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo Switch Online update

Nintendo Switch Online

Let’s face it: Nintendo Switch Online has been a bit of a disappointment. The paid service has slowly gotten better with a drip-feed of NES and (a year later) SNES games, but it’s not enough. Hell, Nintendo even stopped doing regularly scheduled updates last year in favor of random, spaced-out game drops. Where’s EarthBound? That’s a top 5 RPG! We don’t get any Donkey Kong Country games? Those are must-have classics! Come on, Nintendo!

Additionally, customers still don’t have access to consoles like Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo 64. I’m not expecting anything like that (maybe on the next anniversary…), but I’d sure love to be proven wrong. Nintendo has an incredible library of classic games to draw from. I’m dying to play more of them on my Switch. It’d be an easy one to check off the wish list, Nintendo!

Breath of the Wild sequel story trailer

breath of the wild 2

E3 2019 brought quite a few exciting Nintendo announcements, but none of them made me scream for joy like Breath of the Wild‘s sequel. That eerie green spiral. That dark, swarming energy. That mummified corpse with glowing eyes. I was hooked from start to finish! I’m still feeling the hype a year later, and that warrants a spot on the top 5.

Breath of the Wild was a critically acclaimed masterpiece, and Switch owes much of its success to having such an outstanding launch title. I’m excited to see how that engrossing gameplay evolves in the sequel, but after that trailer, I’m even more excited about the story. Was that Ganondorf down in that cave? What’s with the ghost hand? Who cuts Zelda’s hair? I don’t know, but I’m excited to find out. Let’s hope the next Nintendo Direct has some answers!

Super Mario Odyssey 2 surprise reveal

odyssey nintendo direct top 5 wish list

If Nintendo opened Switch’s first year strong with Breath of the Wild, then they definitely ended strong with Super Mario Odyssey. Mario is the face of Nintendo, and Odyssey lived up to that high calling. The classic 3D platformer gameplay brought fans back to the nostalgia of the ’90s, but it left the clunky controls and camera in the past.

It was the perfect blend of familiar and fresh to remind longtime fans why they love the series while bringing newcomers into the fold. Following it up with a sequel seems like a no-brainer. Unlike with Breath of the Wild, Nintendo hasn’t announced anything like that, but we’ve heard some rumblings from the rumor mill in the past. Let’s hope they’re for real.

Any Metroid news (I’m desperate)


Remember how excited Metroid fans (all 12 of us) were at that brief Metroid Prime 4 teaser back in 2017? Unfortunately, development fell apart, and the entire project was rebooted late in 2018. Fifteen months of development probably isn’t enough for a full trailer, and Nintendo has to be wary about doing another early teaser.

But what about a new 2D Metroid? That’s something that’s been circulating in “insider” circles for quite some time, and Samus Returns certainly left the door open for future stories. Let’s not forget that we never got to find out what happened after Samus went rogue in Metroid: Fusion. As cool as Prime 4 would be, nothing beats a good old-fashioned 2D Metroidvania experience. That alone would make it a killer Nintendo Direct for me.

A back-to-roots Paper Mario

paper mario Nintendo Direct top 5 wish list

For my final wish, I’m returning to the rumor mill once more. Multiple sources (with varying degrees of credibility) have claimed that a new Paper Mario game is on the way. More importantly, they claim that it’s a back-to-roots adventure in the vein of the first two games. For longtime fans, that’s a crucial detail that makes all the difference. If true, this is at the very top of my wish list.

Many Switch games have found great success with a “back-to-roots, but modern” approach and no franchise needs it as badly as Paper Mario. The first two games were fantastic RPGs overflowing with charm and personality. Ever since, Nintendo has been constantly retooling the series, and especially the battle system, with controversial results. It’s time to give the people what they want, Nintendo!

That’s my top 5, but it’s certainly not a comprehensive wish list. What hopes and dreams do you have for the next Nintendo Direct? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Ben Lamoreux
Nintendo Enthusiast's Managing Editor. I grew up on Super Nintendo and never stopped playing. Been writing video game news, opinions, reviews, and interviews professionally for over a decade. Favorite franchises include Zelda, Metroid, and Mother.

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