Store listing hints at The Witcher 3 coming to Nintendo Switch

Could we be seeing The Witcher 3 make its way to the Nintendo Switch? A store listing by French distributor WT&T (World Trade & Technologies) indicates that we might see Geralt of Rivia grace a Nintendo console for the first time.

While this is by no means confirmation, it does make sense to see The Witcher 3 get a Switch port. This is by far the best-selling entry in the franchise, breaking 1 million in sales. Coupled with DLC, overall sales have approached 1.5 million overall. Considering that the Nintendo Switch currently sits at an install base of over 22 million, a port makes all the sense in the world.

We have already seen big “beefy” games like this succeed on Switch. Bethesda unleashed Skyrim, DOOM, and LA Noire last year. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus then followed earlier this year. Even Dark Souls: Remastered got some Switch love in 2018. If anyone can make a game of that caliber look and run well on Nintendo’s console, it’s CD Projekt Red. And who knows? Perhaps this could lead to seeing Cyberpunk 2077 on Switch. At the very least, it gives Geralt a major reason to be included in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter packs.

Are you excited to potentially see Geralt of Rivia make his way to Switch? Is this the beginning of a beautiful relationship with CD Project Red? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

David Giltinan
David has been involved in games media since 2012 running his own blog, YouTube channel, being a founding member of RETRO Magazine, and now as host/producer of ARGcast - Another Retro Gaming Podcast. He also dabbles in voiceover and is occasionally a stunt double for Jude Law.


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