Wizard of Legend physical editions are now available to preorder

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Limited Run Games has opened up preorders for its latest Nintendo Switch game, Wizard of Legend. This will be its 74th physical run of a Nintendo Switch game so far. Since it is now open for preorder, it’s likely that only the exact number of copies required will ever be made.

Wizard of Legend is touted as a no-nonsense take on wizardry. Packed full of intense action, it originally released for the Switch in 2018 via the eShop. The game requires precise timing and skill with movements and spell combinations in order to overcome the challenges presented to players. There are more than one hundred unique relics and spells to collect, learn, and master in this roguelike dungeon crawler.

Unfortunately, Limited Run Games doesn’t seem to have a collector’s edition of the game available. It likely doesn’t expect Wizard of Legend to sell a huge number of copies, hence why the company has offered it up for preorders right now. Any orders made will cost $29.99, but they orders won’t ship for up to four months after the closing of the preorder window. This, again, is a sign that only the required number of copies will be manufactured.

For collectors, this might be an easy opportunity to get your hands on a physical edition of a game with very few copies in existence. It should become all the more valuable over time.


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