“Yeah, sure. Absolutely we’re making a Wolfenstein 3.”

Pete Hines did not shy away when asked about the future of Bethesda’s beloved Wolfenstein reboot series. In an interview with GameCentral at Metro UK, Hines provided candid answers to all sorts of prompts on recent and upcoming Bethesda releases, including Dishonored 2, Prey, Doom Eternal, Rage 2, and Wolfenstein II. Most of the answers that Hines provided essentially said that even if a game does not perform so well, Bethesda believes in what they are doing with single-player games and they have no plans to abandon any studios or IPs in the near future. On Wolfenstein II, Hines originally said that he was satisfied with Wolfenstein II’s sales performance, and then, when questioned outright, he confirmed that Wolfenstein 3 will eventually happen.

Now, it is quite possible that Wolfenstein 3 is years away, and could even miss the current generation. Hines said nothing on development status, and, presumably, any focus on Wolfenstein content at Bethesda right now is probably on the upcoming Young Blood expansion. It is also impossible to know whether or not the next entry will even make it to Switch, though Panic Button’s astounding success with Doom and Wolfenstein II (and their plans to bring over Doom Eternal) have us hoping that this trilogy’s conclusion makes its way to a Nintendo platform.

What do you think? Panic Button has wowed us before, and Bethesda is doing great things with Nintendo now. However, depending on where Nintendo’s hardware is when Wolfenstein 3 comes around, it might be too much of a task.



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