Wolfenstein cosplay Super Soldier Supersoldaten 1961 cosplay

Everybody hates Nazis. Everybody loves cool cosplay. It turns out that combining the two can still result in a dramatic net positive — for the cosplay part. Last month, Twitter user @SpartanJenzii uploaded video of an extraordinary Wolfenstein cosplay of the Supersoldaten / Super Soldier 1961. The Super Soldier is more machine than man, packed in approximately a billion pounds of armor, and it dual-wields ludicrously big guns. Spartan Jenzii has perfectly brought this frightening character to life — and the minigun barrels spin.

Spartan Jenzii, real name Jenny, is apparently 25 years old and describes herself as an “architect in the making.” If that angle doesn’t work out, she can probably fall back on film costume design if this Wolfenstein cosplay is any indication. Seriously, imagine turning a street corner and running into the Super Soldier unexpectedly.

We try to cover cosplay at Nintendo Enthusiast whenever something especially wows us. We featured some pretty dazzling Mythra and Pyra cosplay from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 not too long ago, and we covered a really wild Bayonetta cosplay a bit before that. I have a soft spot for the super diesel Robbin’ ‘Ood Dragon Quest cosplayer though. And last but not least, there’s that jaw-dropping best Final Fantasy X cosplay we’ve ever seen.

We can probably agree this Super Soldier Wolfenstein cosplay is a little more frightening though.


John Friscia
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